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About JSON Notes

JSON Notes is a simple application that runs in your browser for taking notes in Markdown (a simple text formatting language that easily converts to HTML).

It's completely private! Notes are saved to a local file on your computer that no one else can see. The only thing you should know is that I use cookie-free, privacy-compliant Fathom Analytics to track visits because I'm curious how you found this little project.

It's competely free!! As in beer AND as in speech. Use it, buy me a coffee

If you like it though, or just say "hello" or "thank you". Find me here.

It's completely untrustworthy! Don't use it! I mostly hacked it together in about three hours one weekend. It _could_ lose all your notes at a moments notice. So really don't use it for anything critical. (Although, to be honest, I use it for my own notes. So I want it to _not_ do anything bad. If that makes you feel better.)

There is no save button!! It automatically saves your notes every few seconds.

It's not mobile friendly. Yet. Maybe one day. But anyway...

It only works in Chrome/Edge/Arc/Brave/Chromium. I'll get shit for this. But Chrome has a decent FileSystem API that lets me write files to disk without too much hassle. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I hate that too!